Content Marketing

The world is oversaturated with advertisements, both online and offline. Consumers see online ads as digital noise and they turn the volume off at every chance they get. What they’re really looking for is quality content through search, blogs, and social media to help navigate buying decisions. Consumers exchange and value this content across search and social media channels. Quality content has become today’s marketing currency. Companies that aren’t part of this value exchange will lose customer attention and interest.

We can help you by generating interesting and cost-effective content that attract leads, engages them, and converts them into sales.

Our content team:

  • Determines your customer targets and their requirements
  • Organizes and evaluates your current content
  • Develops your editorial calendar
  • Creates content themes and ideas
  • Integrates messaging across search, social and your website

The backbone of successful Internet marketing is developing, managing and distributing professional quality content just like a magazine publisher. Online content needs to be written for both consumers and computers. This requires a unique balance of art and science. Our writers create your content to not only be valuable to the reader, but also to be easily crawled by search engine robots that rank your content and website.

We can develop and manage content for you, including:

  • Website copy
  • Ghost blog post writing (research, write, edit and post)
  • Content for email marketing and newsletters
  • White papers (B2B or B2C)
  • Executive and rainmaker content for reputation management

Don’t fall victim to common online content obstacles.

The Publisher Obstacle Course: Customers want multimedia content to deliver product or service info, related solutions and experiences. This requires leaders to think like digital magazine publishers and manage the added tasks. This is a difficult shift for many leaders to make, and one that’s filled with time-consuming tasks.

The Content Chasm: Today’s Internet marketing requires distribution of a large quantity of professional content. This challenge of achieving the optimal level of content development and distribution is called “crossing the Content Chasm.”

A growing number of companies are investing in higher quality content at an increasing rate. We can keep you in the lead and get you past these obstacles.

What can you do?

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