Oct, 22 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

Think Like a Publisher? What the Heck Does that Even Mean?

It’s time for your two week vacation and you’ve got a hut rented in Bali with its own wild jungle out back. Your bags are packed and now all that’s left to do is get through the 17 hour flight. What are you going to take on the flight to …

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Jul, 24 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

How to Create Big, Fat, Juicy Worms (A.K.A. Link Bait)

This is part two of my link bait series. Last week I talked about what link bait is exactly and why it’s important that you try and create link bait content for your business. (REMINDER: It increases your SEO rankings and sends a flood of convertible traffic to your website …

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Jun, 30 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

Link Bait – What it is & Why You Need to Create it

By now you’ve probably heard you need to create content that is so great, all of your readers will want to link to it and share its awesomeness with all of their social media contacts. And although you should strive to make all of your content great, or as the …

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Jun, 25 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

Is Your Internet Marketing Strategy a Winner or a Loser?

Done correctly, Internet marketing can turn your company into a 24/7 lead-generation selling machine and turn your customers into loyal fans that will generate referrals. If you can unlock this potential before your competitors do, you will build your company’s value and reach the business owner’s ultimate goal: financial freedom. …

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May, 26 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

Create Content Your Potential Customers Will Love

Content marketing is the modern method of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling to them. Imagine if a pizza joint opened in your town and you took your family down one night to split a large, gooey pie with the works on it. Your mouths were drooling as you …

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May, 16 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

Is Social Media Worth Spending Money On?

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be mysterious: It’s just good old fashioned networking done in a modern way. In working with many small business owners over the years, I have found there is an internal struggle within most of them: They want to “know” that their marketing budgets are …

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May, 15 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

Your Content Marketing Shouldn’t Sell to Your Prospects – It Should Help Them Trust You

Quality content that customers want to read is central to Internet Marketing Success. In some ways marketing online has gotten easier, and in some ways it has gotten harder. Technology continues to evolve in a rapid pace creating new digital tools and social platforms at that make it easy for …

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Feb, 10 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

If You’re Not on Google+ You’re Losing Customers

You’re a CEO. You’re busy. Too busy to try and figure out how to use all of the social media channels out there, or even figure out which ones you should be spending time on in the first place. I don’t know your business personally, so I can’t say for …

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Feb, 09 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

Do Your Landing Pages Look Like Your Kid’s Bedroom?

A landing page has 1 purpose and 1 purpose only: to convert your visitors as quickly as possible. One of the most critical aspects of designing or redesigning your website to improve lead generation and sales is making sure you get your landing pages just right. If your current landing …

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Feb, 04 2014 - Posted by Troy Mikulka

5 SEO Search Fundamentals That Will Help Your Clients Find You

Search Engine Optimization is as important today as it’s ever been. Without good SEO, your customers can’t find you online, and if customers can’t find you, how will you generate more sales and leads? As a small business owner, you’re continually trying to attract more customers. And, as someone who …

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