About You

A successful small to medium-sized business owner, maybe a doctor, dentist, surgeon, or broker motivated to take your growth to the next level with Internet marketing, but you don’t know where to start.

  • A business owner in need of a little extra coaching to understand how Internet marketing can be applied to your brick-and-mortar business niche.
  • Someone who wants to understand what Internet marketing is, but doesn’t want to do it themself; they want to work with a team they can trust to implement effective marketing strategies.
  • Someone who is ready to commit to an Internet marketing campaign to generate leads and increase sales and profits.
  • A company with a unique product or service advantage that needs to promote it in order to build or maintain a leadership position in your industry.
  • A company needing to implement social media, SEO and content generation strategies, but lacking an internal Internet marketing team.
  • A company needing to automate sales and marketing processes and grow revenue and profits in preparation for a capital raise or liquidity event.
  • A business with several locations needing to integrate and leverage marketing efforts.

A professional, rainmaker, CEO, or executive with an expertise to promote online.

  • A professional striving to build or maintain leadership in your industry that needs to market your reputation.
  • An expert having trouble reflecting your expertise in content, search engines, or social media.
  • A doctor, dentist, lawyer, or CPA that must be careful to follow professional ethical rules when implementing modern marketing methods.
  • A leading expert whose competitors of lesser expertise rank above you in search results, capturing clients before you do.

A marketing director or manager that needs a trusted team of Internet marketers.

  • A marketing manager wary of outsourcing Internet marketing because you require this team to be loyal, supportive, and available day or night when crunch time comes.
  • A marketing department leader ready to help grow the company, but in need of more skills and resources at your fingertips.
  • Head of a marketing department that has not yet started to focus on Internet marketing…and you know you’re behind.
  • Head of a department in need of an in-house Internet marketing team, but you can’t afford one.
  • In need of a digital strategy, but your offline efforts take up all your time.
  • Juggling many objectives and need a few extra hands on deck.

Do any of these sound familiar? These are just a few of the many situations that we can help your business or practice find the right solutions for.
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