About The Team

About The Internet Online Marketing Team

Strategy and Tactics Team

Our strategy and tactics team works diligently to help assist your company in building up your online credibility, as well as organizing the best plan possible to expand the reach of your brand and network. From the first moment you begin working with us, our strategy team will be there to help you identify both your short and long-term goals, and will share with you the most effective and efficient ways of achieving them. Once set into action, our team will provide you with regular, in-depth updates on the progress of your ongoing marketing campaigns – so you know what’s working and what’s not.

What our clients say: The strategy and tactics team is not only truly concerned with how to grow their clients’ business, but they also seek to provide you with a proven plan that makes the most sense for your company and your specific goals.

Web Design Team

Through their creative and innovative experience as designers and developers, our diverse web design team can take your most imaginative design ideas and turn them into a reality, from the planning stages and sketches of your dream website all the way to the final launch date. Their vast years of experience designing for the web have taught them what features will turn customers away, and which features will keep them clicking from page to page. Just tell us exactly what you want to see, and then watch as your basic, everyday website is transformed into a lead-grabbing magnet with some serious flare.

What our clients say: They believe in the same high standards of quality for what clients both can see and what they can’t see, while also possessing a creative drive that will have your website standing alongside some of the best companies in the business.


If all of these acronyms are making your head spin, don’t worry – our experts are happy to take over for you and transform your website into some serious ROI. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, our SEO specialists know all of the much-coveted secrets of how to make people click on your content, whether it’s via search results or social advertising. One of the biggest battles of marketing your company is getting people to your website. InternetOnlineMarketing.com has the tools and team that will get them there.

What our clients say: SEO no longer has to be scary territory for your company. Their PPC team is helpful to sharing what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, including you in every step of the process.

Content Team

Do you know what a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia would look like if they suddenly combined and turned into a human being? They would look like the members of our content marketing team (although not as attractive) all of whom pride themselves on becoming fact-yielding experts in the industries of each of our clients. Whether you are looking to share information about upcoming company events, upcoming trends and research in your industry, or you’re simply looking to spice up your web writing with some fancy-schmancy lingo, our content team can adjust their styles to get you the blog posts and content that will engage your readers and have them wanting more.

What our clients say: They are strong, knowledgeable writers with the flexibility to adjust to your company voice and position.

Social and Reputation Management Team

Our social media department is filled with a whole bunch of “people” people. When they’re not tweeting, they’re reading about tweeting (or dreaming about tweeting in their sleep). They love interacting with and responding to people from all walks of life on every social media network you’ve heard of, and maybe a few that you haven’t. From your Facebook page, to your LinkedIn company profile, to Google +, Twitter and beyond, they work tirelessly to ensure your social media presence is exactly what you want it to be.

What our clients say: They do the many small tasks that you may not have time for, but that ultimately add up to getting your company positioned in front of your clients.

Coffee’s On Us

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